Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this suitable for?

Any age that still believes in Father Christmas!

How many children can take part?

As many as can fit in front of the camera and see the screen, but we'd suggest a maximum of four to make sure everyone has the chance to chat to Father Christmas about whatever they'd like.

What if attention span is less than 10 minutes?

Father Christmas is ever so chatty and interested in what children have to say, but don't feel that shy children need to fill all ten minutes! You can end the session early if you like.

Is this a religious offer, or a secular one?

It's whichever you want it to be. Father Christmas will be led by you on this, and by any preferences you state on the booking form.

Can I reschedule or cancel my video meeting?

You can cancel or reschedule (depending on availability) up until 48 hours before your session.

What about online safety?

We would encourage that an adult accompany the children for the video meeting. Father Christmas is suitably CRB and DBS checked.

Even the Nice/Naughty list is subject to GDPR, so all personal data will be deleted after Christmas. 

Am I allowed to record the video meeting?

Yes, of course! We would however ask that you don't share it publicly.