• Dan Osbaldeston


A relatively new December tradition is the game of Whamageddon. In a nutshell, you see how far you can get through December without hearing Wham’s 1984 hit ‘Last Christmas’ (original version only; cover versions are allowed). It turns every visit to somewhere with a Christmas playlist into an adventure! It’s a little unfair to the record, which was only kept from the Number One spot on release by Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’. George Michael performed on both records, of course.

There’s debate every year about the quality of Christmas pop music, but in 2012 Scott Mills of BBC Radio 1 worked with pop comedy duo Frisky & Mannish to craft what they reckoned was the perfect Christmas single. I’m not qualified to judge its perfection, but it’s certainly what I believe is called “a banger”. (Plus, it has the line “You’re frankinsensational” which is a work of genius.) You can listen to it at .

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